About Us


Our Story

We are always dreaming about our  retirement, like so many others. What would be the best for us? We have no children, we are happy being off on our own. We love being away from crowds and lots of people. Life on the road? That sounds like a plan to us. I have always wanted an airstream so when we started putting our future plans in motion I had to look at Airstreams. I went straight to the airstream website...why, oh why did I do that. There is absolutely no way I could afford a new one. Not to be thwarted in my endeavor, off to craigslist where I watched for an older Airstream in need of some TLC. It took a couple of years to find "her". When I saw Adelida I knew she would be our future home on the road. So we begin this journey of making our dreams happen. Thanks for looking at our site and I hope you will follow us đŸ™‚

Our Goals

We hope to completely modernize Adelida, make her as comfy as you are right now while reading this. All our convenience in a very small package. She will be getting appliance updates, all new wiring, solar set up, just all the goodies. She is gonna be amazing, that is all I can tell you....